Private Supercar Collection in California

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May 14, 2012

My friend invited me to see their collection of very rare supercars hidden in the hills of southern California and when I entered the “garage” my jaw dropped in amazement. The cars were setup as if they were being showcased in a museum. Don’t let looks fool you though because these cars are driven regularly by true car enthusiasts. Just look at the common theme among all of the cars, racing inspired. These supercars are as pure and raw as they come. Here is a quick rundown of the list of cars:

Ferrari 360 Challenge
Ferrari 360 GT (x2*)
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
Ferrari F430 Spider
Lotus Exige
Pagani Zonda
Pagani Zonda Monza
Porsche GT3
Porsche GT3 RS
Porsche GT3 RS MK2
Porsche Carrera GT (x2)
Ruf R Turbo widebody (1 of 1)

Now you are probably wondering why 2 Carrera GTs. Well the owner wanted one for himself and his wife wanted one as well!! The Ferrari 360 GT is a different story though. While driving the yellow one on the track something went wrong with the engine and it ended up to be a blown engine. So after a little bit of thinking he decided it would be fun to put a 1,000 HP chevy engine in it!! You can see the Chevrolet badges on the car as well. He also owns a few Porsche Cup cars which are stored somewhere else and his yellow Pagani Zonda C12S was being serviced.

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