McLaren P1 private viewing

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January 3, 2013

A few days before Christmas I had an incredible opportunity to attend a private viewing of the new McLaren P1 supercar in New York City! There was a very nice presentation of the P1 which covered some improvements they will be adding to the final production version of the car. Some of the improvements included vents on the side of the front bumper to extract heat from the radiator, and a new rear grill which will be made out of a mesh material and allow you to see into the rear of the car where you can see the wing actively working. There were a few other minor changes which they will be doing to finalize the car but it is all underneath the skin of the car. Along with that McLaren is designing another set of wheels to have another option from the wheels shown at the presentation. I thought the car was a beautiful piece of art seeing it in person, an exterior unlike anything else ever to seen for a street car and sat so low to the ground which is hard to even comprehend when seeing it up close, to an interior which is dressed with high-class material yet a feeling of being in a race car built for any track you can imagine which I’ll explain more about.

Unfortunately I was unable to take pictures of the interior of the car but I got a chance to get a very up close look at everything which was 100% approved and will be in the production model. While the outside of the car is dressed with a beautiful wet carbon fiber finish, the interior has beautiful dry carbon all throughout and gives the cockpit a feeling of being inside a true race car. The deep bucket seats complimented the interior even more with an incredible finish in both leather and alcantara. Looking forward the center console was positioned facing towards the driver which put the cars focus completely towards the drivers needs. Plus it has a cup holder! The steering wheel was a beautiful shape unlike any other supercar I have seen and was wrapped in alcantara as well. The instrument cluster is a full black screen and when it comes to life it shows a beautiful digital display of all the cars information including the speed and RPM. It came close to heart because 2 of my other favorite supercars share a feature of a beautiful digital display, the Ferrari F50 and Lamborghini Reventon, which are both highly desirable supercars which are extremely rare. The P1 fits in perfectly! As of right now there have been zero details released about what engine or technology will be fitted into the P1 but on the steering wheel there were 2 buttons (one red, one blue) and when I asked about the function I was not given an answer. Stay tuned…

The McLaren P1 has extreme lines paired with the outlandish rear diffusor which was stunning, a massive fully functional rear wing, full carbon fiber rotors which is the first time introduced to a street car, a sophisticated interior, a very, very low seating position, and built by a company with the heritage of one of the best supercars ever built, McLaren has introduced a game changer in the automotive industry which will cause companies like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Pagani to match what will be an unreal hypercar. We are moving up from supercars to an unreal new level of performance, function, handling, and blisteringly high speed.

2013 is the year of the hypercar!

(02/20/2013) UPDATE!!!!

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“Official stats for the new hypercar from McLaren, the P1 have dropped. 903bhp total output with emissions of less than 200g/km of CO2. The power comes from a 727hp 3.8l V8 producing that power at 7,500rpm coupled with a 176hp electric motor mounted on the engine. The British firm have also stated the torque figure at 531lb/ft from the engine and an additional 192lb/ft from the electric motor for a total of 664lb/ft from 4,000rpm. It has also been confirmed that the P1 features a Formula 1 style DRS system to lower the angle of the rear wing at higher speeds.”

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