At a young age I realized I had a passion for exotic cars, photography, and videography.  It started when I went to a Ferrari dealership and was able to sit in the cars on display and take pictures of them with a disposable camera.  I got my pictures developed and I really enjoyed looking at them so I was hooked!  From that point on I made it a priority to go to as many dealerships and car events as possible to take more pictures.

Over the next few years I was able to upgrade my gear, improve my skills, and network with others through exotic car events.  I have always had the itch to see and do more even at a young age so by age 16 I was traveling around the United States to well known car events like the Pebble Beach Concours in California.  Now I am 22 years old and travel a bit more frequently between the Tri-state area (NY), Florida, and California to shoot.

Here is a list of some highlights over the years which I am proud to say I have done:

Camera Gear

I get a lot of questions asking what gear I use so here is the list of what is currently in my camera bag